Experience the Signature Elegance of Dr. Ivana Stanković's Cosmetics with the Innovative StemRepair Complex

The most comfortable skincare after treatments, during dermatological therapy and every day

Relish and silky smooth texture that offers genuine relief to skin post-chemical peel. Its superb moisturizing properties have made it an essential part of my skincare regimen for over four weeks since the treatment.

Marta, 42
The Repair line

Regenerating Post-Treatment Cream

Nourishing cream with the original StemRepair Complex for irritated, red and dry skin. It soothes, reduces redness and prevents inflammation. Its comfortable consistency moisturizes and nourishes without leaving a sticky, greasy film. After the medical and esthetic treatments it acts like a soothing balm. In every day skincare routine it strengthens the skin and prolongs the effects of in-office therapies. It regenerates the protective barrier of the epidermis, making the skin more resistant to the effects of harmful external factors and stress, the most common causes of micro-inflammatory conditions. Perfect as a base for makeup and SPF. Odorless. Non-comedogenic. For all skin types. Even the most sensitive one.
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The story behind Dr. Ivana Stanković signature brand

Driven by the needs of my patients, I crafted the Repair line, marrying my scientific insights with over twenty years of expertise in skin therapy, care, and rejuvenation. I recognize the vital role of the right cosmetics in enhancing skin health and beauty – they must not only be effective and safe but also very comfortable in application. Attuned to my patients' needs, I have developed a line of medical-grade cosmetics blending luxurious textures with active plant extracts encapsulated in my proprietary StemRepair complex. These products are meticulously crafted to offer effective relief and rejuvenation for all skin types, following various treatments and during different types of dermatological therapies. Ideal as a base for makeup or SPF filters, the Repair line delicately soothes irritation, diminishes redness, and fortifies the effects of treatments, nurturing the skin's protective barrier and slowing the aging process.


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I've dreamed about skincare after procedures and during dermatological therapies, designed to become a daily ritual for taking care of all skin types. The Repair line it's the result of caring for the comfort of patients taking care of their skin at home.

The Repair LINE

Dr. Ivana Stanković's Repair line is an expert combination of science and nature. A novel approach to post-treatment care, crafted by a skin health and beauty specialist, leverages the unique StemRepair complex and the crème de la crème of dermatological ingredients. It is the quintessence of relief and rejuvenation for even the most irritated, reddened, dry, and sensitive skin types. The Repair line is made of 98% natural ingredients that are kind to the skin, and its effectiveness has been proven by scientific research. The generating post-treatment cream and soothing cleansing foam offer the ultimate comfort in skincare after procedures and during dermatological therapies, designed to become a daily ritual for taking care of all skin types, not just the most sensitive. Cosmetics from the Repair line effectively strengthen the skin's protective barrier, guard against oxidative stress, slow down aging processes, and enhance the effects of treatments. The Repair line by Dr. Ivana Stanković introduces a new paradigm of skin comfort with eco-friendly formulas and a commitment to cruelty-free practices.