Eye Patches: A Vital Component in Skin Care for Beauty and Youth Preservation

Eye Patches: A Vital Component in Skin Care for Beauty and Youth Preservation

In our quest for beauty and youth, especially in delicate and demanding areas like around the eyes, reaching for proven and effective solutions is essential. Eye patches are one of the key elements in daily skin care, offering quick and visible effects. Their impact can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with other products, such as the soothing face wash foam and regenerating cream by Dr. Ivan Stanković.

Types of eye patches

The market offers a variety of eye patch types, each designed to meet specific skin needs. Let's highlight the most well-known:

  • Hydrogel patches provide intense hydration, perfect for dry and tired skin.
  • Collagen patches focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring skin's firmness.
  • Patches with green tea extract act as antioxidants and soothers, excellent for sensitive skin prone to irritations.
  • Vitamin C patches brighten dark circles and restore skin's radiance.

Synergy with Dr. Ivana Stanković products

Using eye patches in combination with Dr. Ivan Stanković's cosmetics can significantly enhance the skincare effects. The soothing face wash foam gently yet effectively cleanses the skin, preparing it to absorb the rich active ingredients of the eye patches. Meanwhile, the regenerating cream with the unique StemRepair complex perfectly complements the treatment, providing deep regeneration, nourishment, and long-lasting hydration.

Suitable for all skin types

Eye patches are a universal solution suitable for every skin type:

  • For dry and sensitive skin, choosing hydrogel patches combined with the soothing face wash foam will ensure proper hydration and soothing.
  • Mature skin will benefit from collagen patches, which, reinforced by the regenerating cream with the StemRepair complex, contribute to a visible improvement in elasticity and reduction of wrinkles.
  • For skin prone to irritations, patches with green tea extract and Dr. Stanković's gentle foam will be the ideal choice, thanks to their soothing properties.

Eye patches are not just a temporary way to refresh and brighten the look but also an investment in the long-term care of the delicate skin around the eyes. Combined with Dr. Ivan Stanković's cosmetics, such as the soothing face wash and makeup remover foam and the regenerating cream with the StemRepair complex, they create a comprehensive skincare program. Thanks to them, we can enjoy healthy, youthful skin.

Benefits of using eye patches:

  • Hydration and Nourishment: Eye patches are soaked with concentrated nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, aloe, or green tea extracts, providing deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.
  • Reduction of Shadows and Swelling: Patches help reduce the visibility of under-eye shadows, swelling, and bags, making the eyes look more radiant and rested.
  • Smoothing of Wrinkles: Active ingredients in the patches stimulate collagen and elastin production, contributing to the smoothing of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Quick Effect: Eye patches work quickly, delivering visible results in just 15-20 minutes of use.

How to choose the right eye patches?

When selecting eye patches, consider several factors:

  • Skin Needs: If your skin is dry, opt for patches soaked in intensely hydrating ingredients. For shadows and swelling, look for patches with horse chestnut, eyebright, or cucumber extract.
  • Type of Patches: There are hydrogel, collagen, biocellulose, and fabric patches available. The choice depends on individual preferences.
  • Price: Eye patches are available across a wide price range. It's worth choosing a product with a good composition and effect that fits your budget.

Using eye patches:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse facial skin.
  2. Remove the patches from the package and place them under the eyes.
  3. Leave the patches on for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Gently remove the patches and massage the remaining serum into the skin.

Eye patches: the perfect solution for any occasion

Eye patches are an excellent way to quickly improve the condition of the skin under the eyes. They are an ideal solution before an important outing or after a sleepless night.


  • Use eye patches regularly to achieve the best results.
  • Store patches in the refrigerator to enhance their effect.
  • Choose patches suited to your skin's needs.

Eye patches perfectly complement the care with cosmetics from Dr. Ivan Stanković.